VNV Nation, LIVE Brisbane 14 Aug 2008

PART I: The FaceBook Status Updates!

August 13 :: 7:48am :: Angell can’t say that you’re losing me, but I must be that which I am. (VNV Nation).
August 14 :: 3:01pm :: Angell begins the countdown to VNV Nation. T-minus 5 hours and counting.
August 14 :: 4:31pm :: Angell begins the countdown to VNV Nation. T-minus 3.5 hours and counting.
August 14 :: 5:06pm :: Angell begins the countdown to VNV Nation. T-minus 3 hours and counting.
August 14 :: 6:02pm :: Angell begins the countdown to VNV Nation. T-minus 2 hours and counting.
August 14 :: 6:42pm :: Angell begins the countdown to VNV Nation. T-minus 1.5 hours and counting.
August 14 :: 7:00pm :: Angell begins the countdown to VNV Nation. T-minus 1 hours and counting.
August 14 :: 7:31pm :: Angell is waiting at the venue. Doors open in thirty minutes.
August 14 :: 7:56pm :: Angell is rocking out to VNV Nation!!
August 14 :: 1:16am :: Angell sez: VNV Nation! Fuck yeah!!August 15 :: Angell confirms that it *is* indeed Mark Jackson of VNV Nation in her profile pic.

PART II: The Quote from the Gig!

So, we’re all goths, and we’re standing around having a miserable time. Or whatever it is that the media like to think it is we do at these events. ~ Ronan Harris (paraphrased)

PART III: The Nasty Rumor

There was a rumor going around a number of fans had decided to boycott (for want of a better word) the VNV Nation gig on accounts of how small the venue was. They had been to the Step Inn before, seen the size of the stage, and thought “well that’s just not fitting for international superstars”. Well, sucks to be you. There was heaps of room for the drum kit and two keyboards. In fact, Ronan commented on how nice it was not not be running back and forth across a 100 feet of stage.

PART IV: The Run-Down of the Night!

*** WARNING ***

Hereby follows much verbal diarrhoea about the night, and holy crap if it doesn’t sound awfully teen-boppy-groupie-obsessive to me!


For one night I was in love with life again, and my buzz still hasn’t been entirely killed (despite the somewhat depressing discovery I made after I got home, or the fact that I’m really exhausted but too hyped to sleep anymore).Doors opened at 8:15. The starting act was the Tycho Brahe. If you’re into “sythpop” (I think that’s what they call it), you should very much totally check them out. I bought three of their albums while I was there, their single of Don’t Feel That Way, and the single Free.

I was standing at the front, a few feet away from the stage, crushing on Stephen (their live drummer) so hard, and when people started inching forward during the second support act Junk Curcuit, I kept stepping up to keep my place in the front. I’m so fucking glad I did. There was just enough room against the stage for one more person, so I snaffled the spot, and people were shoving forward the whole time, and I didn’t get squished (yay!).

Everyone was reaching forward, and I tried to be respectful… I only touched Ronan 5 times (*squee*), and the first time wasn’t even my doing. He grabbed my hand twice (the whole phenomena seems strange to me, but I’m still totally hyped that I touched him woo), and I put my hand on his chest twice, but I was standing between two of the playback speakers, which just happened to be the best place for him to stand to get closer to the audience, and every song he was standing close enough that I could blow him, and if I hadn’t been craning my neck up to see him, my forehead would have been resting on his stomach. Anyway… the first time he stepped into the gap, his knee was resting against my chest!

I also got to shake hands with Mark during one of the encores when he came round the front to shake hands with all the screaming fans. Seems like he was looking at me a lot of the concert, maybe he was looking at the chick next to me (the photographer for Tycho Brahe), she was way pretty, but wasn’t singing along as much as I was.The guy standing next to me introduced himself, and Ronan was talking to him and his friend during the concert because they were massive fans. They’d attended the 2004 concert, and flew down to Melbourne today to catch them again tonight. They’re flying on Sydney for Sunday night’s concert too.

At one point (cause we’d all looked at the set lists taped to the stage) someone yelled out “Get your fucking Chrome on!” We’re all singing along and he held the mic out over Tom and James and about three lines in we all hit a line that no one knew and Ronan just laughed cause no one knows that line.

When they played Beloved I knew that although I’d discarded the idea as potentially regretable, I am going to have the lyrics “grant me wings that I might fly” included in my next tattoo. Once it’s done, if I have to fly all around the world following their gigs, I’m going to get to the stage and when they perform Beloved, I’m going to show them the tattoo. And here I thought I was way too old for this groupie stuff.

They played two encores. While we’re all chanting after the first encore (and you could hear how tired the audience was, it was almost midnight), we hear Ronan from backstage: “We’re just trying to grab a minute’s rest here!”Over the course of the night I snaffled: the last front row spot, the last black ladies shirt in my size, the last white ladies shirt on sale (it fits, but is a touch too small), and the last set list! I also got a bottle of water from one of the crew. Half of that ended up over my head because damn I was overheated and exhausted!

After they’d had a chance to change, the band came out and mingled with the fans; that was so incredibly awesome! They just walked around with drinks in hand like normal people, ‘cept normal people don’t have guys like Tom and James coming up to them and telling them about how they have all the albums and have seen every concert they’ve played in Australia and that they FUCKING ROCK! I got Ronan and Mark’s autographs (score!) and – BEST OF ALL – I had my photo taken with Mark! The photo is mega-terrible-shitty cause it was taken on my mobile, but I don’t care.

At the end of the day (well, some 14 hours later), my calves and thighs are sore, my right knee is one massive bruise, and I’m totally exhausted, but I’m mega hyped and I wanna do it again, right now! I wish I were in Melbourne right now for tonight’s concert. Something to save for over the next 4 years… when they come back, I want to be ready!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

He is so hawt

Complete with fabric tape from the stage and autographs!

Between the euphoria from the crowd and the excellent music, and the fact that I think I sweated off 10 pounds not even counting the jumping around for 2 hours solid; I think I should do this way more often. For my health.

Fucking euphoria. It was so metal.


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