The Tycho Brahe

If you read my post about the VNV Nation gig closely, you’ll recognise the name Tycho Brahe. If you read it less closely, maybe the name rings some bells, but you don’t know what for.

Tycho Brahe are a Brisbane synthpop band who are, in my humble and non-musically minded opinion, very awesome.

And it’s not just their incredible music that rocks. For a start, you can check out the very sexy band members (yes, Ken, I mean you too) both at their Official Website, and in these gig photos taken by the very lovely Mil (whom I rocked next to stage front during VNV’s performance).

And, if you find humbleness attractive in your musos, I added Tycho Brahe on MySpace*, adding the message “I saw you guys at the VNV Nation gig last night and you rocked very hard. P.S. Stephen is hawt, even if I’m too old to be a groupie.” Today I was delighted to find the following comment on my profile:

Heya! I get first comment :-) Thanks for the add and thanks for your support, connecting with music lovers is what it’s all about. And yes – Stephen *is* a hottie but don’t tell him** ’cause he’ll get a big head and ask for a payrise ;-)

Ken & the Tychos.

Speaking of sexy, here’s some of the awesome photos Millisynth took on the night. Now, Mil apologises for the low lighting and says the photos could be better. I think she’s being too hard on herself. The links are all above, and the following images are copyrighted and used with permission.

Stephen Birt at the VNV Nation Gig
Click for full resolution

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out, listen to their music, buy some albums already!

* No, I’ve never used MySpace previously, but I’m really keen to keep up with their gigs because I want to see them live again, and soon!
** If anyone from Tycho Brahe does vanity google searches, they’ll find this post, and the cat might be out of the bag!


~ by ghostwolfe on August 17, 2008.

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