Covenant Gig – Brisbane – October 9

I’ve had a couple of hits over the last few days looking for Tycho Brahe, so I’m thinking that maybe some of you are waiting for my review of the Covenant Gig to go up. Well, wait no more, because here it is:

And I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’ve been putting this off for so long because I don’t have anything to write!

The Tychos have been facing a bit of adversity lately, with their Sydney gig on the Covenant circuit cut short, then the QANTAS baggage handlers dropping some important equipment, and culminating in their laptop deciding to throw a fit onstage at the Step Inn.

I swarmed in the door the moment they were opened (some 40 minutes late), and caught the first 30 seconds of Dislocation (awesome song, by the way). The Tychos looked sexy and they sounded hawt and the tiny room was already starting to crowd when Tycho Brahe bravely started their set, despite their laptop crashing just moments after they decided they were ready to begin.

They kicked into Free, but were barely a verse in when everything stopped. They gracefully explained and went back to trying to coax their reluctant equipment into cooperation. Letting us know that this was their last attempt, they started up… hrmmm, I’d dun gone and forgotten! It might have been Dreams of Dying, but that might be wishful thinking, I like that song.

But when the vocals cut out, we knew it was over.

I decided not to stay to check out the remaining bands; though I really wish I had,  I hear that they rocked.

Much love the to awesome sexy Tycho’s for taking all this in their stride and staying positive (s’ok, we saw you swearing up there, but we couldn’t hear you).

Impatiently waiting for the next gig;


~ by ghostwolfe on October 16, 2008.

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