Screen Names

I’ve been meaning to re-instate this post for a while, but I finally have the impetus to actually do something about it.

I rather jealously hold on to theGhostWolfe and AngellWraith as my screen names.  I was never lucky enough to have friends who gave each other nicks.  The only nicknames I’ve ever had that weren’t self-appointed were cruel.  I still feel that picking your own screen name has a touch of pretentiousness about it, but if you’re like me, and your friends and loved ones only call you things you’d never admit to publicly… here are some of my favourites.

Screen Names:

  • Chrome Disguise – your avatar must be a mask
  • Portents of Fate – title Don’t Trust Him/Her
  • Desperation Dreams – title Hears you scream
  • Standing|Motion


  • Tempted by a look and a kiss! (from Tycho Brahe’s Avarice)

Yeah, I know… none of these are as sophisticated as Mystify (INXS), but you can’t have that one, that’s mine.

* * *

If you happen to be Nathan Fillion, I have the suggested screen name for you: Ordinary Superhero.  This one’s actully quite clever!  Email me, I can tell you how I came up with it.

Or, if you’re Johnny Depp, how about JSparrow?  A bit of a no-brainer, but cute, just like Johhny.

Finally, Hugh Jackman can forget trying to keep a low profile with the screen name Naked Wolverine.  Seriously, no one would guess that anyone with such an obvious screen name would actually be THE Hugh Jackman, trust me.  A word of caution, though… this is your avatar:



~ by ghostwolfe on May 5, 2009.

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