X-Men Origins: Wolverine II: The Superflous Colon

Rumor has it that there’s going to be a sequel.  So, in light of the awesome/disappointing dichotomy that was Origins/Wolverine… let’s muse a moment on what could make or break the sequel that we know is going to be… well… I don’t want to say “crap”, but we’ve all see the third Matrix movie.

* * *

I’m sitting up late tonight, I wanted to finish a project I set myself upon (which I did… head over to the “quotes” page to see my handiwork [DISCLAIMER: I edited this gif!  If you are – or know – the original creator, please contact me so I can give appropriate credit!!]).  I can’t stand silence, but instead of putting my music on, I decided to throw on a DVD.  It was going to be Firefly, but I’ve been in a bit of an X-Man kinda way (duh), so I dusted off my copy of X-men.

This was a very interesting experience.  It’s well acknowledged that there are some continuity errors between the two series, that’s all right.  But watch X-Men again to get some different reads on certain scenes, I think you’ll enjoy yourself.

After X-men was done playing, and I wasn’t, I dragged out X-2 and X-Men: The Last Stand.  You know, I haven’t even taken the shrink wrap off Last Stand, and considering the lateness of the hour, it won’t be happening tonight either.  But I – as always – digress.

What did that have to do with anything?  Nothing, really.  I supposed it influenced and inspired some of my ideas.

First of all: Wolverine, pleese can haz signature hairstyle bak?  I have to admit that I was a wee bit disappointed to not see the look we all know and love.

Jinx shows us how to do it.

* * *

How about Lady Deathstrike?  She made an interesting cameo in the second movie, and with the direction that Origins took Stryker, I think she could make a feasible comeback as Stryker’s self-styled attempt to build himself a replacement Wolverine after he wasted the one he had.  This could be even be worked in around Lady Deathstrike’s new Ultimate origins.

Nightcrawler!  While I’m sure the Deadpool spinoff will be huge fun *makes dismissive handwavy gesture*lets see some Nightcrawler action!  Woo!

But most of all: I’d forgotten just how genuinesly fun X:2 was.  Wolverine cut sick; in origins he was being all restrained and moral.  Yeah, we get it, he’s not a bad guy, but SHIT, we wanna see Wolverine carve it up.  I get the whole counterpoint to Sabertooth’s character and all; but there’s nothing quite like watching Wolverine elbow some guys jaw through the back of his skull, or impaling another’s foot and hearing him scream.

As a final parting note: please have something to put in the story.  I know that you want to explore the whole relationship withItsu, but here’s a spoiler for you: she dies.  We all know how this goes, it’s the same story as Silverfox, so if that’s you have to offer, please… don’t.


~ by ghostwolfe on May 7, 2009.

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