Laser Graffiti: Cause Robots are Cool

I wanted to blog to you all about how awesome Laser Graffiti by the Galvatrons is, but I just don’t know what to say.

Like all good things, I found out about the Galvatrons by accident. Last week, I ducked into a nearby music store and bought the soundtrack to the recent Transformers movie (I don’t recommend it, sorry – uh, the album that is, the movie rocked), and tucked inside the case was a small insert advertising the free download of Robots are Cool, by the appropriately named Galvatrons.

Free music? Free music about robots? Free music about robots by a band called Galvatrons? Actually, you had me at free music, but it’s all good.

Their debut album, Laser Graffiti (have I mentioned that the name of the album is Laser Graffiti? Laser Graffiti, it’s the name of their debut album), came out last Friday. It just so happened that they were also performing in my home town that day, and DAMMIT! I’d already made plans. Hindsight being what it is, I should have gone to the gig, then I could have been blogging about the awesome gig I went to on the weekend, instead of half-coherent blathering about how you should BUY THIS ALBUM.

I never spent much time learning about music, genres, or anything like that. I know what I like, and I listen to it. When someone says “hey, listen to this”, I do. That makes music I enjoy really hard to describe. To me, Laser Graffiti sounds like it popped right out of a time capsule from the 80s.

Think The Who. Think the Screaming Jets. Think Van fucking Halen.

Listening to this album, everything about their music evokes great 80s rock: the guitar work, the composition, even the lyrics. We’re not talking that kitschy trash 80’s that I love so much, we’re talking Byran Adams in the Summer of ’69. This album begs to be turned up and played loud.

Robots are Cool
and so’s this band.


~ by ghostwolfe on July 7, 2009.

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  1. CHICKS!

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