The First Starfighter (and the best)

Okay, I think if I make anymore mentions of @thegalvatrons on twitter, I might justifiable be accused of attention whoring. But this shit, seriously, is too good not to talk about.

In other awesome music news: VNV Nation’s Of Faith, Power, and Glory is out. I picked that up on Monday while I was at the record store*. Had a listen to that this morning, then went back to listening to the Galvatrons.

So, in light of my continuing fangasm over the Galvatrons, I think that The First Starfighter should definitely be in the next release of Guitar Hero. There’s an awesome guitar solo bit that I think would make for some fancy fretwork.

Tangent: I wonder if the people who wrote and/or perform these sweet riffs get insulted when their songs are used for Guitar Hero. I mean, on one hand it does suggest (note my use of the word suggest) that your song is one of those that define the rock genre. On the other hand, all that really hard work you do as a guitarist has just been rendered into a collection of coloured-button-mashing that bears little resemblance to the actual skill of playing a guitar.

* Yes, an actual, factual, record store. Rockinghorse Records on Albert street in the city. They sell awesome stuff, and do a hearty trade in vinyl.


~ by ghostwolfe on July 8, 2009.

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