The Galvatrons – Laser Graffiti – Lyrics

I love lyrics just as much as the next person, and some of the best stuff is hard to find. So, I’ve faithfully typed out the lyrics from the CD insert of the Galvatrons’ debut album: LASER GRAFFITI. The lyrics presented on my blog are as they are given in the CD booklet, I have not edited them for accuracy, grammar, or layout (except the Last Starfighter, which I added some quote marks, forgive me).

As a bonus, the posts for CASSANDRA*, WE WERE KIDS*, and LASER GRAFFITI** include film clips for your viewing pleasure! (* Official video clips; ** Live performance)

And, in case you just can’t get enough of Johnny Galvatron, here is his appearance on the awesome SBS show: RocKwiz, performing We Were Kids.

If you hunt around YouTube (you won’t have to look hard), there are dozens of clips from various live performances. I have not imbedded them with the rest of these vids simply because the clips did not do the band justice. If you want a bigger, better taste, head over to their official website and grab the free downloads of ROBOTS ARE COOL and MOLOTOV COCKTAIL.

Or just go the fuck out and buy this album already!


1. And so they invade…
2. The First Starfighter
3. Cassandra (with official video clip!)
4. We Were Kids (with official video clip!)
5. Robots are Cool
6. Laser Graffiti (with live video clip)
7. Light Speed
8. Stella
9. She’s in Love
10. Molotov Cocktail
11. Galaxy Destroyer

… so, have you bought your copy of Laser Graffiti yet?


~ by ghostwolfe on July 28, 2009.

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