Thanks to GenCon Australia, I was recently treated to an advance screening of Coraline in 3D.

I’ve been a little hesitant about writing a review for this one, because I haven’t read the book, and I can’t comment on how well it was translated.

Based on what I know of the book, I think the movie adaptation if fairly faithful, and I don’t think Gaiman fans will be too disappointed.

Coraline is what I want to call a “children’s horror”. While I am a staunch believer that animation does not automatically mean that a movie/series is aimed at children, Coraline certainly does seem to be written for younger audiences.

This is not to say, however, that it is not scary! During the movie I was frequently afraid – not in a Nightmare on Elm Street kind of way – but rather, throughout the film, I was frequently scared for the title character.

The world is richly detailed, and I frequently forgot that I was watching a claymation movie. And I simply could not fail to mention the 3D, which was incredible.

Apart from two notable points in the movie, the 3D is subtle, and – for want of a better word – natural. Instead of “playing” the the 3D effects, it is simply part of the tapestry that is the movie.

All in all, I wish I could write a review that would do this movie even half the justice it deserved. I highly recommend every see it.

4/6 stars


~ by ghostwolfe on July 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Coraline”

  1. I wanna see Coraline. :( I read it before it was cool.

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