the Tycho Brahe – 13 August, Ric’s Bar

NOTE: This was all typed up and ready to go at about 2:30 in the am when – shock of shocks – my internet died on me. This is a fairly typical occurrence from my ISP at about that time of morning. So, sorry to keep you all waiting.

LOCATION: Angell’s Secret Blogging Headquarters
DATE: Friday, August 14
TIME: 12:30 am

Step one: take off my high-heel boots.

I’m a little tipsy. This will probably become more and more apparent as I type this blog entry.

I’ve just arrived home from the Tycho gig, and I could go to bed, and write this tomorrow, but how soon after the event I write my account is to some extent in direct proportion to how hyped I am after the event. And tonight I’m pretty hyped (the only exception to this rule was the orignal VNV Nation gig that started my habit of gig reviews, in which case I came home to my live-in ex-boyfriend [it was a complicated situation, okay?] and verbally espoused on how FUCKING AWESOME the VNV Nation gig was, then got a few hours sleep before composing my first ever gig review). Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. Tonight was the Tycho Brahe at Ric’s Bar in Fortitude Valley. If you’ve never been to Ric’s you might not be impressed by the venue. It’s the sort of “cosy” hole in the wall perfectly suited to regular gatherings with a half-handful of friends, though at $8 a Corona, you might want to stick to the local beers.

Now, I did the smart thing this time around, I checked with the band what time they’d be hitting the stage. I felt right royally stupid last time at the Atmosphere when I got there before doors even opened without realising that I was in for a long wait before the festivities kicked off. Tonight, I still showed up quarter-past 8, but I knew what I was in for, so I didn’t feel like the worlds biggest moron.

Unlike my experience at the Atmosphere, however, I didn’t spend the time nursing a lonely beer, and hating myself for being a complete nigel-no-friends. I’d barely settled in with my first drink when a rather drunk Brit sat himself next to me and offered to buy me a drink. In the spirit of trying to get past the general brain malfunctions that cause me to be a nigel no friends, I chatted with him for a bit; and hell, who am I to turn down a free drink??

Once he moved on, I caught the eye of Ken Evens, who came over for a chat. If there’s one thing I love more that a talented muscian, it’s one that has time to shoot the breeze with their fans. I suppose you can blame it on one of my various brain malfunctions they call “personality disorders”, but I always expected musicians to have a Holier Than Thou attitude, especially towards two-bit nobody fans. I mean, they’re famous, right? They could be off talking to other worthwhile people!

Either way, it was a big thrill for me to spend some time just chatting with Ken. I know I’m a total fangrrl, so sue me. I also appear to be sitting on the charger unit for my old, broken digital camera. I need to throw it, and the broken camera, out later today (i.e. after I’ve slept); I bought a replacement yesterday. But, I – as usual – digress. After Ken excused himself, I bought myself a rum and coke (same price as the Corona, I need to develop a taste for cheaper drinks me thinks) and Andy arrived.

Now, Andy made a special effort to speak to me after the Atmosphere gig – something for which I’m truly appreciative of. He also made mention of the blog that this will be posted on, so now I feel UTTERLY WEIRD saying anything about him. Trust me! I’m not exaggerating anything I say here based on the knowledge that the Tychos themselves might see this, any exaggerations are PURELY the result of me being who I am. Promise.

So, Andy had brought a friend with him, a charming lady who he works with at his “day job”. Carmel, this is your offical mention, I hope I got the spelling right, maybe I should have checked that. The rest of my evening was spent with the Tychos, Carmel, Milisynth (the official Tycho photographer), and her SO Chris – who looks, to me, so much like Charlie Sheen. I kinda felt like I was somebody. From the weirdo that couldn’t find a single friend to drag along to share a few drinks and listen to an awesome band, to the Tycho’s offical groupie, hanging with the band!

Now might be an appropriate time to talk about Twist, Oliver, Twist, the support act for the Tychos. I suppose all y’alls are getting pretty sick of hearing me wax eloquent about how impressive such-and-such a band it, but I can’t help it. Leaders of Men might not have been the world’s most impressive act once the vocalist got drunk, but they rocked the sound check, and listening to them on myspace suggests they are pretty good at what they do.

Tonight was all professionalism, however. No one was apparently drunk, and the performances were wonderful. The fact that the band members are very attractive boys certainly doesn’t hurt (dibs on Alastair Collett, thankyouverymuch). Check them out on MySpace.

Speaking of drinking of the alcomohols; Andy, as a band member apparently gets free drinks, but as he didn’t want to drink (he had work in the morning, not to mention a certain degree of concern regarding not being able to play under the influence), he generously donated his two drinks to Carmel and myself! What a sweetie! And I, just as natural as anything, passed my rum and coke over to Carmel so she could judge for herself if the Cougar they were serving was worthy. I surprised myself.

Sadly, the Tycho’s did not get through their complete gig. Part-way through In Your Heart one of the laptops crashed. Once it was rebooted, the band decided to skip to their closing number: Delos. Delos would have to be my second-favourite Tycho song. As hard as it is to pick and choose, Delos is to the Tycho Brahe what Electronaut is to VNV Nation – and if you’ve ever stood in the packed crowd, moshing as the people all move as one, then you’ll know what I mean.

Being a school night, things wrapped up fairly quickly after that. Now Carmel was asking me about Stephen Birt’s tattoos. As a tattoo fan, I never thought to ask about their significance (I’m just a no body, remember?), but Carmel marched right on up and outright asked. I missed the story (something about the Airforce, yes?), but Stephen was most charming, and let me take a photo with my mobile phone, which I’m very proud to share with you all here:


After hugs and handshakes (I have to confess, that made me feel special), we all headed off our seperate ways, with promises to meet up again next month, when the Tychos will be playing at Ric’s again.

Walking down Brunswick st mall, I was stopped by a friendly drunk who introduced himself as Todd and told me I was pretty. What a great way to top off a simply excellent night.



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