G-Farce, That Hamster Movie

I haven’t seen G-Force.  You know, that Disney movie with the talking hamsters?  However, it just may be that I will end up shelling out the $20 it’s going to cost to see this one in the cinema.  Do you know why?

Live. Action. 3D.

I was at a 3D screening of Disney-Pixar’s UP today, and one of the 3D trailers (am I the only one who hears the voice-over from Here Comes Dr. Tran whenever they see the instructions to “please put on [their] 3D glasses”??) was for the new Disney movie G-Force.

I’m not particularly interested in the movie, it’s about super-secret-agents who are hamsters!  I’m sure it will be a great kids movie, but not really my bag, you know?  However, after seeing the trailer, it’s a live-action movie, in 3D!

Now, I don’t know about you, but live-action 3D + Disney’s acquisition of Marvel = LIVE ACTION FUCKING SUPERHEROES! FUCK YES!

So, yeah.  I think I’ll go along to see how the 3D handles in live-action filming.  Then I want Wolverine in 3D, dammit!

* * *

Let the record show that I am aware that the next “Wolverine” movie will not be a Disney-Marvel production.  But still… I want to see Wolverine slicing things up in digital 3D.  Really want.


~ by ghostwolfe on September 11, 2009.

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