This is NaNoWriMo!! (2009)

This is it folks, it’s the final weekend before NaNo starts next Sunday. Guess what I’m wasting my time doing? My last full weekend to myself before the flurry of writing begins?

I’m designing covers for my NaNo project.

And it is totally NaNoWriMo’s fault.

On the vague off-chance that I actually finish my NaNo project, polish into something resembling a novel, manage to convince an agent to go in to bat for me, and they actually land me a publisher willing to take my novel on, the cover will probably be completely redesigned.

However, the people at the Amazon affiliate are offering to print you a copy of your book for free, if you successfully verify the full 50,000 word count before the end of November. In that light, on the minuscule off chance that I write something good enough that I can bash it into shape in the first week of December, yeah, I might just try out this offer.

And that means my book needs a cover.

Read the blurb for “Blindness”, and following my word count here.

* * *

These are the sample covers that I mocked up.  Before I commit to buy the stock graphics I need to assemble to cover art, I wanted to be sure I picked the right design.  As such, the following cover designs still have watermarks, and the photoshopping putting the backgrounds behind the ribbons is a “close enough” job.  The text may change colour/size/font/position, and the colours of the ribbons/background may be softened, brightened, adjusted, depending on what looks good on the final copy.

With all of that in mind, let me know which cover design you like best!

Please view the cover samples here.


~ by ghostwolfe on October 24, 2009.

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