Free-Form RP: Hulk vs Wolverine

[21:28] *** You are now known as HulkWolfe.
[21:28] * HulkWolfe smaaaaaaaaash*
[21:29] * JayDee runs and hides!
[21:29] JayDee: Wait, what do people do around the Hulk?
[21:30] tendays: They probably run and hide?
[21:30] * tendays hasn’t seen the movie
[21:30] * JayDee tries to calm down HulkWolfe with offers of chocolates and strong drinks.
[21:31] HulkWolfe: I dunno, mostly I think people get smashed.
[21:31] JayDee: Yeah.
[21:31] JayDee: Unless it is a crossover comic, in which case there is lots of fighting.
[21:32] JayDee: Mostly if I’ve read comics with the Hulk in, he’s been beating up the X-Men.
[21:32] HulkWolfe: well, why don’t you be some crossover comic hero, and kick my arse?
[21:33] JayDee: Because I don’t like any of the heroes that could.
[21:34] HulkWolfe: Well, be Wolverine, and I’ll kick your butt.
[21:34] *** JayDee is now known as Logan.
[21:34] Logan: *snikt*
[21:35] * Logan leaps onto HulkWolfe’s back, claws sinking in.
[21:35] * HulkWolfe roars and grabs at puny clawed-man*
[21:36] * Logan continues stabbing.
[21:36] Logan: Bub.
[21:36] * HulkWolfe grab puny man and throw him at tree*
[21:37] * Logan hits tree.
[21:37] * Logan smashes through tree.
[21:37] * Logan hits second tree.
[21:38] * Logan lands on his feet.
[21:39] * Logan races towards HulkWolfe shiny shiny claws out.
[21:39] * HulkWolfe grumbles about having to follow puny man and lumbers after him*
[21:41] * Logan springs up to an unreasonable height, pauses at the zenith to pose and catch the light, then falls down towards HulkWolfe again.
[21:41] * HulkWolfe raises her hamfists to protect her head*
[21:42] * Logan slips down behind HulkWolfe’s back, and aims the claws at the tiny purple shorts instead of the head.
[21:43] * HulkWolfe loses her shorts. And the fight on accounts of the embarrassment*
[21:43] * HulkWolfe runs off into the woods*
[21:43] Logan: *snikt*
[21:43] Logan: Bub.


~ by ghostwolfe on November 30, 2009.

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