Shout Out: Hey! No Recursing!

This is a very special shout out to Ash and the boys of Endless Nameless.

For those of you a little slow on the uptake, I went out on the weekend to see my favourite band: the Galvatrons (really, where have you been? Under a rock? I haven’t shut up about this since Sunday). If you need to catch yourself up, go HERE and read the blow-by-blow recount of the evening. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Hell, read it again, a friend tells me that my obsessive fan-grrl-ism is cute, you can put feedback in the comments.

All right. Everyone up to speed now? Excellent, let’s carry on.

* * *

Possibly the thing I love best about indie bands (I mean apart from the music) is that they have plenty of time for their fans. So far, all the members of indie bands that I’ve had the joy of talking to have been super nice. Starting with that fateful VNV Nation gig when Ken Evans of the Tycho Brahe mentioned their merchandise stand and I (centre front, of course), held up a copy of the CD I had just bought. When I later messaged him, I mentioned that, and he tells me he remembers. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we’ve become firm friends or anything like that (I worship the very ground he walks on far too much for that), but he and the other Tychos have been nothing but charming every time I see or message them.

There is also George aka Alien Skin. I’ll be getting around to giving him his very blog post one of these days. He actually tracked me down, as a MySpace friend to the Tycho Brahe and got me on to his music. He gets a special mention because he messages me to say thanks every time I post public commments on his MySpace activity stream.

But our winners in the “Making me Feel Like I’m not Just Some Creepy Fan Grrl” Awards goes to *drum roll*


Ash! of Endless Nameless!

It has been mentioned to me that the Tychos do read my blog from time to time, and as embarrassing as it might be to think that important people might happen by here and read me gushing about them, the following absolutely made my day (and possibly my year):

Now the whole time we played i remember there being some girl in front of me looking at me like i was a freaky drunk dude (touche young lady, touche) and it turns out she was waiting for the galvatrons to play and wanted the best front row position lol!!!! But i do wanna send a shout out to her for buying heaps of our merch and posting a blog that reads as follows…

That’s taken directly from Endless Nameless’s Myspace Blog (click the link, read it in full, you know you want to).

Now, as I don’t think anything of dropping $40 for great indie bands (they need your support!), I wouldn’t call “both EPs and a shirt” as heaps of merch, but you’re welcome anyway.

Ash has also been putting up with my fan mail, and even answering (at this very moment I have an unread message from him, but I’m trying to finish this so I can start work). He told me how many guitars he’s gone all London Calling on. Seems like an expensive habit, even for a rock star ;)

Man, fuck you Johnny Galvatron; Ash knows how to treat a fan (nah, I’m kidding, I still love you best).


~ by ghostwolfe on December 3, 2009.

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