Ash Endless Naked

Ha, that made you look!

But seriously, Ash from Endless Nameless has posted some photos to MySpace from the Shihad gig, and with his blessing, I’m here to repost a select few for your (or more appropriately, MY) enjoyment.

Commence enjoying!

Did I say 6 drinks? I totally meant 8
Incidentally, I have that set list, but it’s almost unreadable
from the amount of booze it got soaked in.

I really like this shot, I dunno why

Yes, the band does have other members, why do you ask?

Someone thinks they’ve just been elected Pope

Is any explanation required here?

Out of respect for the fact that I didn’t take these photos, they have not be cropped or altered in any way other than to resize them for this blog.


~ by ghostwolfe on December 14, 2009.

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