Mana Bar Redux – Sunday Sessions

Today was the first Mana Bar Sunday Session! I decided to head along because I’d heard that some of the lovely people I’d met on Saturday night were going to be there, and hell, I had no where better to be!

Granted, there was a perk to coming out on Sunday. There were a lot of people there that hadn’t made it the night before, for various reasons, and I was very happy to tell people just how great the opening night was.

Early in the afternoon (I got there about 1pm), there was no wait at the door. I went straight in and ordered a Princess Peach. I’m sad to say this was the most disappointing cocktail on the menu, but I was talking to Pras about the cocktail menu and he suggested that it’s still a bit of a work in progress. So, if you’ve been drinking the cocktails, let’s have some feedback! By-the-by, I would like to thank Pras for indulging me repeatedly and being really nice and friendly and chatting to me.

As it was much quieter, there were slots constantly opening up on all the consoles (today the wii featured Mario Kart, rather than wii sports, and seemed to be considerably more popular). A lovely guy in a Zelda t-shirt coached me through the controls of Raskulls, and I’m now just a little bit addicted to that game – just like everyone else in the Mana Bar!

I showed some guys the controls for Mario Cart, but without a nunchuck I was pretty gimped – not that I’m like, kick arse at Mario Kart, just okay at it. I can beat the AI players, that’s all! Still, using the wii-mote steering, we all had a great time, especially on the tracks with drop offs, falling off the track all over the place.

I played my first-ever games of Street Fighter. Thank you to the guy who keep trying to tell me what I was supposed to do. I don’t think I’ll ever get it right, but I’m happy to keep mashin buttons and losing, just for the fun of playing.

During the day, when the music was turned down, Guitar Hero was a lot more fun. Being able to hear the TV was a huge help! About 6pm, however, I noticed that all of a sudden I couldn’t hear the TV any more, and realised that the music being played was a lot louder than before! I’m not sure how those two things are going to be balanced out, but I do hope something gets sorted.

The crowd was a bit lighter, it looked like they were keeping the venue under capacity, and there was no more than around 10 people waiting to get in at any given time. It was pretty easy to move around, and the venue was still as warm and lively as the night before.

Yahtzee showed up for a bit, and though I did entertain the idea of challenging him again (now that I could hear the music), I just didn’t have the courage.

All the staff were (still) amazing, and all though I feel truly odd about gushing, I would have been perfectly happy to just hang bar-side and chatting to Grant and Cormac all afternnon.

Again, all of the people were awesome. It was so easy to chat with the other gamers, and I seem to have been dubbed “Chuck Norris” for the time being (I’ll be curious to see if it sticks – I was wearing my If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Chuck Norris shirt).

Sunday had a great relaxed atmosphere, but I’ll be very curious to how future Sunday’s go. At least some of the patrons today were run-over from the launch the night before, though I hope the laid-back atmosphere and fun games will keep people coming on Sundays.


~ by ghostwolfe on March 21, 2010.

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