A Little Love for Bards – Tripod vs the Dragon

At the start of 2010, Australian comedy trio teamed up with the adorable Elana Stone to bring the world Tripod versus the Dragon, a comedy-rock-opera about a trio of adventurers and, well, a dragon.

They are just wrapping up their Brisbane run of the show; they’re in town for the rest of the week, you still have time to go see them! If you like dragons, dungeons, or even Dungeons & Dragons; head out to see this show. Stick around afterwards to buy some neat merchandise and meet the guys – they’re awesome.

If you’re not in Brisbane… sucks to be you. Unless you’re in Melbourne, and you are free on Saturday, October 30; in which case you need to go here and buy tickets for their exclusive one-off very special event. You could even win a prize. Go on. I’ll wait.

Equal parts funny and touching and clever and nerdy and even a little bit sexy, Tripod versus the Dragon will delight even the staunchest bard hater you know. It’s a classic story about a fighter and a dragon that will appeal to anyone who enjoys high fantasy, not just the DnD nerds amongst us; but the puns and references will tickle any DnDer until their sides split.

The special effects are incredible. Using state-of-the-art techniques involving bright light and a sheet, the show really comes alive. Clever shadow puppets beutifully and hilariously illustrate the story; bringing a sense of fun that would have been utterly lost with higher-tech costuming and scenery.

Elana has the most charming voice, and the most gorgeous glasses, and she’s so petite that she makes Yon feel tall. She’s the perfect complement to the boys, and her portrayal of the dragon is alluring and amusing.

If you’ve missed out on seeing the show, don’t despair just yet. There is a “cast recording” available in iTunes – and normally I’d be urging you to go buy it off iTunes, sooner rather than later; but as it’s only the songs, you won’t really get it unless you’ve seen the show. However, rumour has it that there may be a DvD coming. And THAT I will recommend, most strongly.


~ by ghostwolfe on October 11, 2010.

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