What I’m Playing – Scott Pilgrim

This is a new idea I’ve come up with – talking about what games I’m playing at the moment. Not in the review sense, but rather in the conversational sense.

This all started with the movie Scott Pilgrim versus the World. As a tie-in they released an 8-bit style fighter game loosely based on the story line of the comics. It looked awesome. The Mana Bar got it in (as it supports up to 4 players, and thusly qualifies for screen time), and I played it with some of my Destructoid peeps. It was fun. And now that I was spending more time around the type of people that are all about console gaming, I was hearing about more and more games that I was interested in.

The solution was obvious: I needed a PS3, and it was almost my birthday. I pitched the idea to my parents, and being the loving and generous people they are, they agreed (on the proviso that I wasn’t getting anything for Christmas, but I’m good with that).

Sadly, what a disappointment.

This is the main reason I’m not interesting in reviewing games. Aside from the fact that there are hundreds of sites out there who are far more qualified than me to review games, aside from the fact that I never play recent games and my reviews would be useless to just about everyone, the sad truth is that my opinion on games is heavily coloured by the fact that I fail at everything forever.

It didn’t even start out well. I set up Ironstrike (that’s his name – the PS3), and registered for a PSN account. All good so far. I go to the Playstation Store. I buy the game. It doesn’t work.

Wait… what..?

I google around for help, and find out – eventually – that some games require you to download and install the demo, or they won’t work. Seems stupid to me, but I comply. Hooray, the game starts working. So I start playing, and it’s going smoothly enough. I defeat Matthew Patel, I feel pretty good, I advance on and fight Lucas Lee, I even beat him too. At this stage, I feel it’s getting real close to dinner, and I decide to stop rather than get into the middle of the next stage and have to leave.

But I don’t wait for the scorecard to appear, more fool me. Turns out the stage wasn’t actually complete, and when I came back from a rather disappointing dinner, the game asked me to start the stage over. At this stage, I’m not bothered, it was my own silly fault for not checking that the level really was over.

But now I can’t beat the level.

I go from “heh, I’m so retarded at this” to “WTF?” to “fucking game… fucking cheats…” to “I’m gonna throw this controller through my TV” to “this isn’t fair! Why do I have to suck so bad? I can’t even play one stupid game that I want?” I vow that I’m going to just pack the damn thing up and tell mum to take it back to the store and get her money back.

Eventually, greed outweighs depression, and I decide to try a different game. God of War saved Ironstrike’s life. I haven’t played Scott Pilgrim since.


~ by ghostwolfe on October 12, 2010.

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