BrainHex Backwards

I thought I might try something – describing games in terms of the BrainHex classes that the game appeals to. I doubt it’s a new idea, and I’m not too sure how it’s going to work, but let’s have a go. If you aren’t familiar with the BrainHex model, please go here and read up about the BrainHex model of gaming types.

Seek <> Small World
Survive <> Never Fear
Risk <> Don’t Stress
Think <> Solutions Given
Defeat <> Even Odds
Connect <> Going Solo
Collect <> Checklist Free

The classes are pretty self-explanatory – seekers seek, survivors survive, daredevils risk, masterminds think, conquerors defeat, socialisers connect, and achievers collect.

The exceptions were a little harder, and not just in coming up with names that represented the ideas behind them. For example, a game with the “small world” exception might actively discourage exploration, or it may be a single shade of muddy brown from end to end that isn’t all too pretty to look at, or it may even refer to games that don’t have game worlds – like Tetris or Peggle. Exceptions shouldn’t necessarily be thought of as shortcomings within a game, but perhaps rather as games that won’t appeal to people who enjoy the opposing class – a seeker might be disappointed in a game with the Small World exception, but it probably wont bother someone with the No Wonder preference. Going Solo just refers to games that don’t include multiplayer options, as opposed to games with the Connect class, which are driven by multiplayer.

Below, I’ve selected five different types of games and applied Reverse-BrainHex classes and exceptions, to test out my method. If a certain class is a defining aspect of a game, or features strongly, it is listed as a Class; aspects that the game actively discourages, or does not include, are shown as exceptions.

Classes: Seek, Collect, Think
Exceptions: Going Solo, Never Fear

Scott Pilgrim
Classes: Defeat
Exceptions: Solutions Given

Mario Kart
Classes: Connect, Risk
Exceptions: Never Fear

World of Warcraft
Classes: Connect, Seek, Collect
Exceptions: none

Classes: Think, Defeat
Exceptions: Going Solo, Small World, Checklist Free

* * * * *

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~ by ghostwolfe on October 13, 2010.

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