Anecdoting – Tripod, Elana, and Dragons

Tripod are cool. Hanging with Tripod makes me cool by extension. Right? Maybe? A little bit?

I don’t know whether I should split this into three separate posts or not. I mean, I’m clearly gloating, but I want to be not-a-total-arse about it, yeah? But this post is huge. I mean, you might need a canteen, and some energy snacks.


Tripod were coming to the Mana Bar. Ostensibly to launch the Brisbane run of Tripod Versus the Dragon, but really because they’d heard about the place and they wanted to check it out. They specifically didn’t want to be all ‘standing in the town square, baby’, with everyone ‘all watching the words come out of [their] face[s]’; which is fair. Earlier today, I mentioned the boys to a coworker, and the first words out of his mouth was: were they funny?

I spent most of the time the boys were there being too shy to say anything, but most of the Mana Bar’s “inner circle” (the close friends of the people who made the Mana Bar happen) have seen me so often that they just act like I belong with them, even though I’ve never been introduced, and don’t know half their names. I guess they assume I know someone, or something like that.

With my lofty intentions of getting home at a reasonable hour, I’d decided that I would leave the Mana Bar at 7 to get something to eat. It just so happened that at about 7, the Tripod boys were leaving for noms as well. We exchanged “good to meet you”s, and I went to find Stacia and say goodbye to her as well. I guess it was just that time, because she was asking her BF – who just happens to be Yahtzee – if he wanted to get dinner.

Home later than anticipated. Always home later than anticipated. Must stop anticipating that I’ll come home at a reasonable hour.
Oct 8

So, here we all are, standing outside the Mana Bar; the Tripod boys asking where would be good to eat. The suggestion of Indian comes up, and Stacia and I put forth two of the Valley’s apparently abundant Indian restaurants. As no one tried to say goodbye to me again, or make it clear that they were leaving and I wasn’t coming, I invited myself along.

At some point we got confused about which Indian place we were going to. We wandered along Brunswick street. We passed a guy using a payphone on the street (yeah, they still exist) who exclaimed incredulously into the receiver “Tripod are walking right past me! Right now! They just walked past!”

Dinner was lovely. We ordered a bunch of curries and passed them around. We shared a bottle of wine. Yahtzee and Scod compared what it was like to be quasi-famous. Yon, Stacia, and I discussed movies. They related how a bunch of their stuff had been stolen after an earlier run of the show, and they still weren’t sure what was missing. We spent some time plugging the Mana Bar and the awesome kind of events they have on.

We wandered back to the Mana Bar, and parted ways on the promise that the boys would be back at the Mana Bar next time they had a chance.


Wow, that first one was long. Yeesh. This one’s nice and short.

On Friday, I went to see Tripod Versus the Dragon. Tickets were 2-for-1, so I threw the offer out there and Sarah agreed to join me. I already knew that Yahtzee & co were going that night, so I figured I wouldn’t look like a complete nigel-no-friends, but I’m really glad that some people I actually knew decided to join me.

After the show, the boys came out and were signing the posters and CDs that were on sale. Which I bought, of course, because I’m a merch whore. But, when I approached Gatesy to start getting autographs, he’s grinned like “I know you!” *squeee* He even remembered my name, writing ANGEL in big letters on the

Tripod/Dragon bag that I held out for signing (mention the L-discrepancy, and you’re volunteering to be stabbed in the face).

As the rest of the patrons drifted away, and I farewelled my friends, I headed over to talk to Stacia. I ended up meeting Yug’s wife, and chatting with her and Talia while the boys mostly talked to each other.

The funniest moment of the night – apart from the show – would have to be: we were standing in three little groups, when Yug leaned over and tapped his wife on the shoulder and said “Yon hasn’t seen Labyrinth either.” A collective gasp has gone up from all assembled, as everyone turned, merging into one large group, looking incredulously at the pair.

Protip: If you haven’t seen Labyrinth, watch it.

FRIDAY, Oct 15

My thought processes are embarrassing and complicated sometimes. On Friday, after the Tripod show, I was looking at the merch I had – a poster, a CD, and a calico bag. My preference would have been to get the CD slipcover signed (posters are expensive to laminate, and I’m not allowed to stick anything on the walls anyway); but the CD slipcover was dark, and the guys (and Elana) only had black pens. At the last minute, I decided to get the bag signed, just for the contrast of black-on-cream.

This bugged me all weekend.

Bugged me to the point that I had to do something about it. Something drastic. I made a plan. My plan involved going to Officeworks, so that was all right with me.

So this is how I ended up at the show again the following Friday night. I’d brought the CD slipcover, and a silver pen that would show up nicely. I got my CD signed, and hung around for a little bit, having no idea what to say. I’d used my only conversation starter the previous week.

Like this. Forever.

Thankfully, Crow and Beck stood close enough to me that it looked like they knew me, so I didn’t feel like a complete gumby.

I knew that the Mana Bar had a sweet event on tomorrow, and I was going to be leaving early to go to the Roller Derby, so I asked if the boys were going to be at the Mana Bar. Yon and Scod were planning on it, but Elana had apparently been begging them to go to Wet and Wild, and Gatesy had agreed. As I was leaving the Powerhouse, I got Gatesy to agree that he’d go to the Mana Bar after their show that night, and I headed home.

Trying to save a little money, I walked out to Brunswick street and found a bus stop. I was waiting for the bus – running late – when I saw Scod, Yon, and Elana walking home. They were on the other side of the street, but I didn’t say hi, I thought that would be weird.

As a side note, however, I’m really glad that I did watch the show again. I’d forgotten some of the really good jokes because I’d been listening to the CD so much, and that’s only a fraction of Tripod Versus the Dragon.


Saturday was a big day. Bigger than I expected. But more than worth it. This is going to be a long one, so you might want to grab a cuppa before you start.

I started out by heading to the Mana Bar early. Turned out to be a good plan. I’d made up my mind a few weeks ago that if I turned up the sleeves of this military-style jacket I owned, it would look pretty cool if I wore the arm-warmers I got at my first Roller Derby. It needed a plain shirt (the pattern on the arm warmers is quite busy, and looks great when accented by wearing solid colours), and I had the perfect black singlet-top.

When I got to the Mana Bar, Gabe – who was dressed as Duke – gave me a thumbs up. Which confused me for a bit, cause I wasn’t trying for a Duke Nukem theme, but hey, whatever works, right?

It was pretty crowded – they were demoing Duke Nukem Forever (I <3 the Mana Bar so hard sometimes) – so I hung around, just watching the various screens. Yon wandered over and asked me if I’d played yet. Scod showed up, and I said hi to him, and stayed nearby, though 90% of the time, I couldn’t make out what anyone was talking about over the sound of gaming.

Scod hadn’t gotten a chance to play yet, when Yug invited him over to the “Media and VIP” area where the demo was set up with a pair of headphones for the full Duke experience. I trailed along, watching a little enviously from behind the barrier. After a little while, one of the guys inside the VIP area left, and Megan – a charming girl working in marketing with 2K – waved me inside, and I sat with Scod for a bit.

I didn’t play the demo myself – I was too embarrassed about the fact that I can’t coordinate two analog sticks at the same time – but I did chat to Yon and hang out with Stacia. I asked if Gatesy and Elana had gone to Wet and Wild as planned, but Scod didn’t know. So Stacia and I asked what they were doing after the show (remember how I made Gatesy promise that he’d come to the Mana Bar?). Turned out that they were seeing some friends play at the Troubadour, and left a sort of open invitation of “that’s where we’ll be, if you’re planning on stalking us”.

After Scod and Yon left, I wandered over to the bar where Stacia had been talking to Yahtzee. On a bit of a tangent – Stacia and I were chatting and Cormac has asked: are you two sisters? We’re not, but we do have a kinda similar nose shape, and chin. We share some mannerisms. But then we discovered that neither of us know who our biological fathers were. Freaky!

I left the Mana Bar and caught the train over the river and went to Roller Derby. Roller Derby is pretty much the only sport that’s ever interested me. It’s great fun to watch, and the atmosphere is great. The crowd roars, and does mexican waves, and there’s beer and really shitty burgers. I love going to Roller Derby.

Afterwards, I took the train back into the Valley, and made my way to the Troubadour. It wasn’t long until Scod arrived, and he said hello and introduced me to a few people. I had a chat to Yon, asked about how the show had went. He left early, and I was like I think I scared him off *sadface*.

Gatesy and Elana arrived, and I must have been standing in the right place, because he included me when he bought a round of beers. I finally convinced Stacia to join us (though I think more credit has to go to Scod demanding that she come), and we listened to Angie Hart sing. She is amazing, and I’m really glad that I got to experience that.

Stacia asked about Yon, and I told her that I’d scared him off. She insists that Yon likes me, and that he always talked to me; which is vehemently denied, and conjectured that he finds me creepy. Not that I actually believe that, just that when he did leave it had this really “I need to go over here now” quality to it, like he didn’t feel entirely comfortable excusing himself.

At some point, we were joined by Beck and Crow; though Crow left after a few drinks. We three girls were talking to Gatesy, teasing him with a rumour that we had heard. I told him that Stacia and I were sisters, and he’s gone “no… really?” We tell him, not really, but we could be. There is a pause, and Stacia and I lift our beers in perfect unison and take a sip. Totally unplanned, but it looked awesome.

Stacia and I were dancing to some of the songs Nick the DJ played. We started joking about dance moves from the 60s and 70s, when a move she was doing reminded us of the orc fight from Tripod Versus the Dragon, so we started doing quotes from the show. Gatesy had his back to us, so I don’t think he heard.

Elana and Gatesy stayed until they kicked us out. Elana looked pretty wasted. She told me what she was drinking, but I can’t remember what it was called. Smelt like petrol, though. Tasted a bit like it too (she gave me a sip of her drink). At one point she wobbled quite dangerously, so I put my arm around her. She’s so adorable, and she fits perfectly under my arm. I want to love her forever and ever.

As it was 3am when the Troubadour finally closed, Gatesy and Elana headed home. Beck and I went back to Stacia’s place where we watched funny YouTube videos until about 6 in the morning, when I decided that if I caught the next train, I would be able to catch the first bus home, but if I waited any longer, the timing would be screwed up, and I’d have to walk the rest of the way home.

We had made Gatesy and Elana promise they would come to the Mana Bar before their show on Sunday, but still awake at 6am it was looking a little tenuous that any of us would make it. Oops.

Okay… wow… I’m done. I’ve probably missed a dozen little things. Not important. But hopefully that’s all out of my system now and I can stop being all “you know I hung out with Tripod, right?”

Talking to Scod at the Mana Bar on Saturday, I stepped on something. It was a coin, and you know, see a penny pick it up and all that. So I did. I still have it in my pocket, it’s my lucky Tripod coin. I don’t want to deface it, because it’s my lucky coin, but I’m worried that it looks like any other 20c piece, and I don’t want to spend it. What’s worse? Defacing a lucky coin, or losing it?


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