What I’m Playing – Costume Quest

Costume Quest is an adorable Halloween game that I picked up recently. When IronStrike powers up, the default screen is “what’s new”, and I spotted the game and was immediately curious.

You play as one of a pair of fraternal twins: Wren and Reynold, on Halloween night. Dressed in your best robot costume, you head out into the neighbourhood to start knocking on doors and collecting candy.

Your suburb has been overtaken by candy-stealing monsters, every child’s nightmare, and it is up to you to save Halloween.

The game is fairly simplistic. As long as you explore all parts of the map, you shouldn’t have any problems solving the puzzles; though some of the secret areas are quite cleverly hidden. Combat is adorable beyond all reason, as you turn into giant versions of your costume with all the special abilities that go along with being a huge mecha or brave, bold knight. A little strategy will get you through combats, but there is no consequence for failure, so if your team is defeated, you can just keep trying until you get it.

I’m worried about the length of the game. I played on Saturday and Monday and I’ve cleared two of the three “areas”, so I’m nearing the end. There’s probably only another few hours left to it, and it would be nice if that wasn’t the case, but the storyline is cute and well written.

Game Classes: Seek, Collect
Game Exceptions: Never Fear, Going Solo


~ by ghostwolfe on October 26, 2010.

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