Linguistic Anarchy

Hi, I’m theGhostWolfe, and I’m a Linguistic Anarchist. In another way of putting it: my mutant power is linguistic anarchy, the ability to take an idea and frame words around it in a way that’s… well, I think it’s pretty damn good. You’re more likely to think that I’m a bit too verbose (that is: I use too many big words).

I enjoy writing. What can I say? This blog used to serve the purpose of A) indulging my pontification about my opinions, and B) allowing me to distract myself with a favourite pasttime: writing.

* * *

Inspiring a name:

A long time ago, I was participating in a forum discussion about whether grammar rules followed usage, or if usage followed the rules. Suddenly, one of the players on the other side of the discussion came out with this:

Angell is a linguistic anarchist! You can never tell what sort of crazy derivation of English (s)he’ll use to speak to you next! Maybe you’re just imagining meaning from random letters pounded out, who knows? Since you can’t even know that (s)he’s speaking the same language as you, you don’t know if there’s an implicit negative in every statement, you don’t know anything about what (s)he’s communicating! It could be gibberish!

The point they were trying to express was that – without prescribed grammar rules – there is nothing stopping me from suddenly deciding that all sentences should be written noun > adjective > verb > adverb, regardless of context or common convention, and let readers puzzle out what I’m supposed to mean. I was utterly tickled by this argument, because my favourite hobby is to take words and mess them around.

So, I took on Linguistic Anarchist as a favoured moniker, and still use in titles and links to my writing.

* * *


For the most part, I don’t publish what I write. I am notoriously bad at finishing anything, so even the best of my pieces are still hidden away, waiting for me to write endings. The stuff I have finished is either terrible – and awaiting rewrites – or extremelly context-heavy, and rather unsuitable for general reading.

I do publish, irregularly to Deviant Art, click the link to read the collection of bad poems, character histories, and published scenes from my “practice novel” Broken Wings.


Razakiel, Templar of the Church of Sentinels, charged by his holy order with the destruction of fiends, honour bound to bring the holy Light to the dark places of the world.  Driven by revenge, Razakiel’s path is suddenly altered by a chance encounter with the Wild Elves of the cold northern reaches. Accompanied by the Druid Aura, Razakiel sets off on a journey to traverse the entire span of the continent. Can he overcome the obstacles in his way? Are the answers he seeks even there to be found?

* * *


All works created by me, under the names

Linguistic Anarchist
, or
A. M. Harding

are licensed as follows:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5
Australia License


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  1. Visit for a progress chart on the novel Broken Wings!

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