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smilinstanlee Marvel’s a great name. I made up slogans like “Make Mine Marvel!” “Welcome to the Marvel Age of Comics!” Etc. Can’t do that with “DC”
12:53 PM Oct 23rd from web

smilinstanlee Siometimes I pass someone in the street and he doesn’t ask for my autograph. Ruins my whole day! I ask myself–where did I go wrong?
12:44 PM Oct 23rd from web

smilinstanlee Show me a celebrity who won’t sign autographs for fans and I’ll show you a shmuck! Without those fans, he wouldn’t BE a celebrity!!!
12:42 PM Oct 23rd from web

Dobblesworth @theGhostWolfe CaramellGuitarHeroDansen eh? I think I’ve just found the divine.
2:34 AM Oct 21st from TweetDeck

NathanFillion It’s been 20 minutes. If you aren’t too busy, join me for a vote at
9:20 AM Aug 20th from Tweetie

theGhostWolfe Wolverine sequel will be the “sexiest” x-men yet, says @RealHughJackman (via @Quickflix – Your mileage may vary.
6:15 PM Aug 18th from web

Pink the best part about giving someone a hug is you get hugged back.
3:42 PM Aug 17th from web

NathanFillion To those who have donated to the Children’s Hospital Triathlon…
5:20 PM Aug 16th from Tweetie

Felstaff @theGhostWolfe Hey congratulations! My novel was called Broken Sword. We can has a genre crossover>
12:57 AM Aug 10th from Echofon

theGhostWolfe No words can express my surprise that I have just written what will be the closing words of my novel Broken Wings. Still, long way to go yet.
11:16 PM Aug 9th from twhirl

NathanFillion Interesting. Guest star was supposed to call me Castle, but instead called me Captain. Feed the birds.
3:53 PM Aug 8th from Tweetie

NathanFillion I look up into the night sky and wonder, “Where are your stars, LA?” Then I look over and see Private Practice filming and say, “Oh.”
4:53 PM Jul 31st from Tweetie

NathanFillion Anybody else putting BAM, SAID THE LADY into their daily vernacular?
2:10 PM Jul 30th from Tweetie

Pink I wonder if some1’s grandma out there wants to give me a local cooking lesson in each country I have a day off in.How amazing would that be?
7:18 PM Jul 28th from UberTwitter

theGhostWolfe I survived Barrens chat, and I survived Evony chat. Bring me a greater challenge of insult and inanity!
7:58 PM Jul 27th from twhirl

NathanFillion I am tweeting while filming!
7:40 PM Jul 24th from Tweetie

NathanFillion Things that scare me: Sharks. Bears. Zombies. Crowds. Zombie crowds. Closed spaces. Children singing.
12:04 PM Jul 24th from Tweetie

theGhostWolfe Why is it that (in the fantasy land in my head) all buses are Decepticons?
8:12 AM Jul 23rd from web

NathanFillion I like to keep a little bit of sexy in my front pants pocket, just in case. If I put it in my back pocket, it looks like I pooped ’em.
6:42 AM Jul 18th from Tweetie

theGhostWolfe Next card concept: ‘I didn’t have a card that was appropriate, please accept this substitute.’ Not as flash I know, but needed, I think.
6:07 PM Jul 13th from mobile web

thegalvatrons Optimus Prime will be life size on IMAX screens in many of the forest fight shots.
3:41 PM Jul 7th from web

hawknc @rtrgrrl Women are the Jedi Knights to our weak-minded Stormtroopers. The analogy goes right on through to aiming skills, incidentally.
12:22 PM Jun 24th from twhirl in reply to rtrgrrl

theGhostWolfe Gonna hire a guy with a whip. He will “encourage” me to work on my novel. Maybe after, he’ll reward me too ;)
11:12 AM Jun 23rd from web

NathanFillion I love when a city rains the day I leave. Like it’s crying for me. I love you too, Paris.
6:37 PM Jun 15th from Tweetie

Wil_Anderson I love when you can still see the moon in the morning. Feels like it pulled an all-nighter and decided to stay up…
8:23 AM Jun 10th from Tweetie

rustyrockets Just to be clear, I was dressed as a terrorist for a movie. Our revolution will be achieved peacefully and you’ll all be present. Nude.
3:16 AM Jun 10th from web

theGhostWolfe RT @thirteen23 10% tweet 90% of the content: … Was anyone surprised by this?? (is in the 10% >_< )
9:49 PM Jun 5th from blu

theGhostWolfe I want to print business cards so I can go up to dudes with long hair and hand them a card saying ‘Hi, you have gorgeous hair. Thank you.’
1:22 PM Jun 3rd from mobile web

theGhostWolfe If Gambit hits the silver screen again, there’d better be some french-talking. Or I will PERSONALLY over see rioting in the streets.
9:33 PM Jun 2nd from web

NathanFillion Robot test #12. Go see Pixar’s UP. If your date doesn’t cry, robot.
4:16 AM May 31st from Tweetie

DemonDaughter Im sick of websites. Who gives a cheese about Metube, Tweetie, Youspace, and Headbook?
7:26 AM May 28th from web

theGhostWolfe @NathanFillion twitter-cult tweet nominated for threadless shirt. Go! Vote now!! http://twitter.threadless.c&#8230; Why are you still here?
3:53 AM May 28th from web in reply to NathanFillion

theGhostWolfe Join the @NathanFillion twitter-cult! I propose pirate hats. <3
9:57 AM May 27th from web

NathanFillion Now I’m getting greedy. I want more followers. Like a cult. We’ll have an outfit that identfiies us, and everyone gets to be the Pope.
8:54 AM May 27th from Tweetie

Astro_Mike Getting re-adjusted to gravity, let go of a small bag of groceries and must have expected it to float, luckily no damage
1:26 PM May 26th from web

Astro_Mike favorite moment on last full day was night pass over Australia with thunderstorms and city lights below and universe above, a heavenly view
11:37 PM May 25th from web

NathanFillion I LOVE THIS! this guy rocks! Thanks for that.
9:34 AM May 25th from Tweetie

Astro_Mike From orbit: Night pass over Australia, the city lights give stunning signs of life on our planet within the darkness of nighttime
7:34 AM May 21st from web

Astro_Mike From orbit: Flying over the Pacific Ocean at night there were some thunder storms, it is so cool to see lightning go off below the clouds
10:33 PM May 20th from web

Astro_Mike From orbit: Getting ready for bed, sleeping in space is cool, tie down your sleeping bag and float inside of it, very relaxing
6:27 PM May 19th from web

ummm_Stacy Went to the store to get stuff to bake a cake… total came to $6.66… that’s right… I’m baking the devil’s cake… & its banana flavored
8:37 AM May 18th from web

PastorJordan I wanted to update my blog today but I left my computer at the house… shoot!
3:26 AM May 17th from TwitterGadget

eddieizzard Weather still medium poo, traffic not too bad. I would like a helicopter. Maybe in the future we will have one each – like phones. iCopters
12:58 AM May 16th from web


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